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Midler: I’m crafty

Bette Midler appreciates people who work with their hands for a living.

The 68-year-old Beaches actress grew up in Hawaii with parents who worked with their hands.

Bette’s current home in New York City, which looks over Central Park, has a distinctly artisan ambience, and she acknowledges her childhood shaped her taste in furnishings tremendously.

"My mother was a really great seamstress, really brilliant," she told Architectural Digest magazine. "Because of her I've been crazy about textiles all my life. And my father painted houses for a living. I grew up around people who worked with their hands, so I love how you can see the care and affection that craftsmen pour into their creations."

Bette relocated from Hawaii to New York City in 1965, when she was just 20 years old.

Since then she has become a patron of the Big Apple and the star donates her time to the New York Restoration project, an organisation that plants trees and gardens in the metropolis.

Bette thinks its essential for urbanites to have access to local green spaces.

"If you live in the kind of apartment that most people do, you'd want to sit on a park bench, too," she mused. "I lived that way for years when I moved to New York."

Bette announced in March she will be re-releasing her 1980 memoir A View From A Broad.

She wrote it before her breakthrough 1988 movie Beaches was released, and the star believes the tome has stood the test of time.

"I read it again about six months ago and it's really charming to revisit [that time]," she told People magazine. "In a funny way, it's the diary that I would have written if I had lived in wonderland.”

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