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Midler reissuing 1980 memoir

Bette Midler says her 1980s memoir centres on a person she “doesn’t recognise” anymore.

The 68-year-old wrote A View From A Broad before her breakthrough 1988 movie Beaches.

And according to Bette, the tome absolutely stands the test of time.

"I read it again about six months ago and it's really charming to revisit [that time]," she told People magazine. "In a funny way, it's the diary that I would have written if I had lived in wonderland."

The memoir details what Bette’s life was like when she was travelling across the US. The legendary actress loves the book because it tells the story of the person she was before getting married and having children.

"It was like a maiden voyage into the world," Bette said. "It's almost a person I don't recognise anymore. It was before I was married and before I had my daughter. I was a completely different person.”

Bette goes on to explain how the memoir really shines a light on her inner life, which is very different from what she assumes people think it is.

According to the singer, the over-the-top image she has cultivated over the years makes her very happy.

“People's picture of me is so extraordinary and it's so far from reality. It's not as flamboyant as it is in their imagination and I don't want anyone to know that because I really like what I created,” she said. “I think I didn't have enough celebrity sex to make it really the book that people mostly want to read these days.”

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