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Miguel loves being incognito

Miguel wants mega success, but isn't willing to compromise his humanity.

The singer is a solid name in American music, and bagged a Grammy in 2013 for his song Adorn.

However he's managed to retain his anonymity for the most part, which suits the 29-year-old just fine.

"I can walk down the street now and plenty of people won’t know who I am. I think as my career progresses and hopefully with more success, I don’t want to change that," he revealed to Hunger magazine. "It’s kind of the energy that you give off. I know actors that walk down the street and it’s because they don’t have a f**king bodyguard drawing attention to them.

"I still want to enjoy my life. I realise that as a creative person that it puts you in a spotlight it comes with certain sacrifices. There can be boundaries that you can establish and knowing how to be polite but stern goes a long way. Most people understand and respect that."

Miguel has previously collaborated with Lorde, A$AP Rocky and Mariah Carey, and also loved recently working with Brit star Jessie Ware.

He's looking forward to his star rising even higher, but hopes life doesn't alter too drastically.

"I want it all. I want mega mega mega success and I want my humanity. I don’t think I have to sacrifice it. It’s all in the energy you give. People can respect that. I’m not all about the megalomania.

"I’ve been late, almost missing flights because of things like... [stopping to meet fans]. It is a very give and take thing. This is what I asked for and I love the people, I love the music and that it’s become a part of their lives as well," he added.

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