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Miguel: Voting for Donald Trump would be beyond ignorant

Miguel has spoken about his view on politics, noting it seems like candidates will say pretty much anything to gain attention.

Singer Miguel believes “a tremendous responsibility” exists to avoid ignorance when it comes to choosing a new American president.

The 2016 US Presidential Race is heating up as several candidates like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are doing their best to land on the voting ticket.

Miguel is concerned with the outcome, as he is convinced many American voters are casting their ballots from a very uninformed place.

“There's a tremendous responsibility that we all have just to not be f**king ignorant,” he told NME. “It's really sad that even at that level there is this ignorance that exists.

“I think issues of racial, economic, social, sexual discrimination, these discriminations are a worldwide thing, a human thing. It doesn't only exist in the States, it doesn't only exist here in the UK, it's everywhere. Everywhere there are people that believe that other groups you know, based on however you wanna categorise them are lesser people in some way shape or form."

Republican candidate Donald, who is a billionaire businessman and former host of America’s The Apprentice TV show, will be hosting the 7 November (15) episode of Saturday Night Live.

And Miguel thinks network executives chose Donald as host for the evening to generate a huge audience.

"I believe it will be good for the ratings, I'm sure that's how they're looking at it too,” the musician noted. “But you know, I think there's also a responsibility that you have to have. And I don't think ignorance deserves that kind of attention and unfortunately we live in a world where attention is the ultimate currency.

"His ability to aggregate attention is valuable to a network, a business where advertising is the source of income. And that means you need as much attention as possible. If I was asked to perform on the same episode as Donald Trump, I would be faced with the same decision as the network. And me being who I am I would definitely decline, probably at my own detriment."

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