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Miguel: Women love my blunt lyrics

Miguel wanted his song Deal to be both a party track and political statement.

The 29-year-old singer's third record, Wildheart, is full of candid lyrics and rhymes expressing his feelings and emotions.

One track in particular, The Valley, is made up of extremely vivid descriptions of various sex acts. Miguel doesn't see it as a bad thing though, insisting females appreciate that type or rawness.

"If you're not in a relationship, it's the epitome of everything you would want to say. I just say what I feel, and I've always been good at saying it the way we want to say it, as men. Quickie is a good reference for that, on my first album - it was a more playful way of saying it, less animalistic or visceral," he explained to British magazine Shortlist. "I'm saying what we want to say, and it comes across as real, so women aren't offended by it. It's like, 'At least he's being honest.' They just want to hear it the way it is. Sometimes it's maybe brash, but at least you can respect it."

Miguel hopes that people will discover themselves while listening to his new album and that they'll learn not to be held back. He feels going against the crowd is what got him to where he is today - a multi award-winning artist who is one of the hottest stars in music.

His work isn't all about sex though, as one track has more of a political edge than the rest.

"I loved making the song Deal, because I wanted to make a track people could dance to, but not really paying attention to the lyrics, and that song is really about the relationship between politicians, lobbyists and multimillion dollar corporations. It's a political song, but it's a party song," he reasoned.

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