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Mike Tyson: I'd accept any role

Mike Tyson is happy to play anything in film as long as he gets a job.

The former heavyweight champion boxer has made the move into Hollywood over the last few years, including a fun role in The Hangover franchise. He's determined to test his acting skills to the max, so has decided to jump headfirst into whatever comes his way.

"As long as I can work, I’ll play anything,” he told New York Daily News. “I’ll play a ten-year-old white girl.”

Mike has been shooting a movie called Meet the Blacks lately, in which he plays James Clown. It also stars Mike Epps and is a comedy-thriller about a family who move into a mansion and things go downhill from there.

He's also been working on a film called Back in the Day, which is about a young boxer who starts to be cared for by a mob boss after his mother dies. That co-stars Shannen Doherty and Danny Glover and Mike stars as himself just as he did in The Hangover, but he is looking to branch out going forward.

"I like [playing] characters, because then I could be someone I’m normally not,” he explained. “I could be a really bad guy; I could be a serial killer. I could be all kinds of things.”

It's the chance to mix things up which Mike loves as he enjoys showing different sides to his personality. He was known as a ferocious fighter in the boxing ring but has mellowed over the last few years - although not entirely.

"You have to be able to adapt in this world,” he said. “You can’t be a nice guy living in a world of savages.”

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