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Mila Kunis modest about appearance

Mila Kunis says a monkey could look as good as her with a little help.

The actress has a hard time being recognised for her sexy figure as she is only interested in acting. She wants people to know that a lot of effort goes into her appearance when she is working.

"It's only the four hours of hair and make-up that make me look amazing, plus the touching up afterwards," she told Heat magazine.

"It's the photographer and the lens and the lighting. Sure, I look good after all that. But a monkey could go in and do the hair and the make-up and you could airbrush a face on there and it would look just as good."

Although Mila than admitted she was just joking, she hopes her fans understand her comments about the industry.

The 28-year-old would rather people focused on other aspects, such as her quick wit, rather than her appearance.

"I don't have that naturally sexual or sensuous way of behaving that some women have," she said. "I do have a pretty sharp sense of humour though and I think that's helped me."

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