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Mila Kunis 'secret date with Ashton Kutcher'

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher reportedly had a secret date over the weekend.

The couple has maintained that they are just friends stemming from their time working together on That '70s Show.

But Life & Style claims that the pair went to Picca restaurant in Los Angeles and were very cosy together.

"They tried to keep a really low profile," an eyewitness told the publication. "Ashton arrived first. He didn't want anyone to recognise him. A few minutes later, a car pulled up and out stepped Mila!"

"When she walked in, they didn't say hi or hug, they just kind of looked at each other and then asked to be seated. They were trying so hard to make it seem like they weren't a couple - it was really awkward!

"They sat really close to each other and talked intimately. They looked so into each other - there's no way they're just friends! They looked really happy together."

"[Mila] came in with cupcakes for him," a second eyewitness said. "They had extra, so they shared them with the staff."

The Black Swan has called rumours she's dating the actor "absurd" but has admitted she used to have the "biggest crush" on him and he was her first kiss during filming.

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