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Mila Kunis wants grand Valentine's gestures

Mila Kunis loves romantic gestures on Valentine’s Day and is hoping Ashton Kutcher splashes out on toys and flowers.

The actress is currently dating Ashton Kutcher and loves celebrating the romantic day, which falls on February 14. Mila was appearing on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show when she confessed that she enjoys over the top gestures.

“I want the biggest bear and thousand roses. If we’re going to do it. We might as well do it full out,” she explained.

Ellen then asked Mila if Valentine’s Day was a “big day” for her. The 29-year-old star insisted that while she enjoys the event, she has spent it as a single girl many times in the past.

“I’ve never really put much emphasis on it. I’ve been single through Valentine’s Day. I’ve been in a relationship. Either way I’m fine with it,” she explained.

Ellen then played a prank on Mila, arranging for a giant panda bear to sneak up and surprise the brunette.

The talk show host continued to tease her guest, as she quizzed her on her romance with Ashton.

Mila has been dating her former That '70s Show co-star since last summer, but prefers to remain silent when it comes to her relationships.

However, Ellen was determined to get Mila to discuss her handsome beau and cheekily asked if she kept in touch with any of her co-stars while pulling up a photo of the pair from That '70s Show.

“Anybody more than the others?” Ellen grinned as she pointed to the picture.

“Yeah, I’ve worked with him,” Mila replied as she struggled to contain her laughter.

“How is he doing, I wonder? Do you talk to him at all? When’s the last time you talked to him? I’m just asking... it’s a showbiz question,” Ellen pressed.

“It’s been, give or take, a couple of minutes,” Mila said as she wiped her eyes during her fit of giggles.

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