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Milano: Breastfeeding backlash is crazy!

Alyssa Milano discusses the double-standard for women sharing nude photos.

The Mistresses actress posted an intimate photo of herself with her newborn daughter Elizabella back in October, only to be inundated with cruel remarks.

And during an appearance on US chat show The Talk this week, the 41-year-old admitted she was stunned by the double-standard that appears to exist when women reveal their bodies.

"I was [surprised by the backlash] and I got really sad about it," Alyssa shared. "Who are we that now we get upset as human beings if we see a woman feeding her baby? It’s crazy to me. Crazy, crazy, crazy."

The actress pointed to Kim Kardashian’s recent attempt to “break the internet” with a series of nude images shot for Paper magazine, one of which showed her posing full-frontal.

“And everyone thought she was so brave, like, okay,” Alyssa shrugged.

Co-host Sharon Osbourne agreed, prompting the actress to pose a question that’s been on her mind since the incident.

“I just think, 'Where are we that this now becomes offensive?’” she asked.

Alyssa wasn’t without some support, however. She shared there were a few fellow mothers who applauded her decision to share such an intimate moment with her daughter.

"The coolest part, without a doubt, is that I got so much support from the women that do breastfeed," she explained, adding: “Not only is it beautiful, it is also a necessity… I'm feeding my kid.”

Alyssa and husband David Bugliari welcomed Elizabella into the world in September.

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