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Milano: My daughter loves Big Booty!

Alyssa Milano has dance parties most nights with her two children.

The Charmed actress has Elizabella and four-year-old son Milo with husband David Bugliari. Both kids love music and dancing, but the 42-year-old has been left red faced by her little girl’s favourite song.

“We have dance parties almost every night with both of them,” she told People magazine. “Honestly, I’m embarrassed to say my daughter’s favourite track to dance to is Big Booty by [Jennifer Lopez]. She’s obsessed with that song.”

Milo is more of a rock fan, with the actress naming Queen’s We Will Rock You as his top tune. When they aren’t singing and dancing together, Milo likes to play the part of big brother as much as possible.

“He just loves her so hard, he wants to smash her. It’s that kind of delicious like, ‘Oh I love her!’ ” she smiled. “He’s the perfect big brother. I could not have asked for anything better. Who knows what’s going to happen when she can walk over and take his toy. But right now, he’s just so madly in love with her and she worships everything that he does. It’s so sweet.”

Milo will no doubt be playing a key role in preparing for Elizabella’s first birthday, which takes place on Friday.

“We’re just going to get her a smash cake and let her eat sugar for the first time,” she laughed.

But even if Elizabella is showered with toys, Alyssa thinks her little girl will still be drawn to her favourite things, books.

“You can put her on the floor with four or five books and she will keep herself occupied for 45 minutes,” she explained. “It doesn’t matter what books they are, she just loves to look at the pictures and she opens it up.”

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