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Milano: My life makes sense now

Alyssa Milano would like more children but jokes that because of her age, she only has about two eggs left.

The 42-year-old former Charmed actress has two children with husband David Bugliari; Milo, four and daughter Elizabella, who turns one on Friday. Alyssa loves being a mother and after giving birth to her son, she felt her life had new meaning.

“It’s true because you look at your kid and you go ‘oh this is why,’ you hold them for the first time and go ‘this all makes so much sense, my entire life makes sense now’” she told KTLA 5 Morning News. “It’s the craziest thing ever, as soon as you feel their little skin and feel the heartbeat next to you it’s just so profound. I always say that when my son was born I was reborn, you’re born again as a different sort of entity.”

Alyssa has spoken regularly about the joys of pregnancy, breastfeeding and motherhood. After having her children, she still marvels at how her body reacted to each stage.

“For women especially you realise what your body is for, and the whole breastfeeding thing which is so amazing and beautiful,” she smiled.

The star’s eloquent description of motherhood prompted the hosts to ask if she would like to add to her brood. While Alyssa admitted she would, she joked that time may not be on her side.

“I’m 42 so that might be a little hard, I probably have like two eggs left,” she laughed. “I’d love to have another one but I’m so blessed with the two that I have that I almost feel that I don’t want to push my luck.”

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