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Miles Teller: I’m the mistletoe master

Miles Teller thinks mulled wine sounds disgusting.

The 27-year-old actor is currently dating Keleigh Sperry and the pair are often spotted out looking loved up. With the festive season full of romance, Miles is looking forward to puckering up under the passionate plant.

"Well, if there's mistletoe, I wouldn't need a pick-up line. I'd look up at it, look at the girl, maybe look at the mistletoe again to remind her - and just kiss her," he ginned to ASOS magazine.

"[One festive tradition is] we always have a Christmas punch, which is made up of Hawaiian punch, 7Up and Sorbet. Now we're older, we add booze to it. It's Christmassy because it's red. I've never heard of mulled wine before today. Warm wine? That sounds disgusting."

Continuing the topic of love, Miles spoke about his ideal date. The star has lived all over America due to his father's profession, calling locations such as Florida and New Jersey home. But it's England’s capital that sets his heart racing.

"If I were in London, it would definitely just be walking around," he explained. "I like walking through parks. You get more time to talk; you can sit down for a bit, get some food. I like not having a set plan. I think it allows you to let your guard down a bit."

Miles' current project is Whiplash, a music-based drama in which he plays drummer Andrew. The movie has already garnered widespread acclaim, with J.K. Simmons receiving a best actor in a supporting role Golden Globe nomination. Luckily Miles has been playing the instrument since he was 15, so already had a head start when learning to master jazz tunes.

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