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Miles Teller relives car crash

Miles Teller is amazed that people like Benedict Cumberbatch have praised his latest film Whiplash.

The 27-year-old actor was in a near-fatal accident in 2007 which left him with numerous scars on his neck and face. It was a traumatic incident for Miles, who can still remember the thoughts that ran through his mind during the incident.

"There was a moment when everything slowed down, we lost control at 80mph, going across three lanes of traffic, and before the car started to flip I had the clear thought that 'people die in situations like this'," he recalled to British magazine Short List. "Not 'I'm going to die', but 'people do die'. I was laying 30ft from the car, unconscious covered in blood, but three weeks later I was back in school and I had a cast and I had all these scratches on my face."

Miles was initially worried the marks would affect his acting career as despite impressing in auditions, he found it was difficult to be cast as a character who didn't have scars. But he found confidence when looking to other showbiz greats with distinct features.

"I thought, 'I'm gonna be the actor that people know for having scars,' - like Joaquin [Phoenix] with the cleft lip for a little bit, until he became... Joaquin, you know?" Miles mused.

Luckily the star's skills have seen him win numerous big roles, such as Daniel in comedy flick That Awkward Moment and Sutter Keely in The Spectacular Now.

Miles' latest film Whiplash has garnered the most attention though, playing jazz drummer Andrew Neiman. He's in the running for the EE Rising Star BAFTA and has received plenty of praise for his performance.

"It's definitely the sort of film that actors and directors love. I just did a photoshoot with Benedict Cumberbatch, and he was saying Whiplash was his favourite film of the year," Miles gushed. "So, I've got people I really like telling me how much they love it, which is great. I'm definitely starting to get roles that showcase me more in a way that I want."

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