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Miles Teller: Shia was my idol

Miles Teller would never say yes to a movie just because it offered big bucks.

Both stars began acting in their younger years; Shia as a child and Miles getting into show business as a teenager.

They now have burgeoning film careers, but Shia has also been dogged with tabloid tales and bizarre behaviour. Miles on the other hand is not known for his personal life.

“People tell me I’ve had a quick ascension into this business. But for me, when I was in college, I was looking at Shia LaBeouf... I used to say that I needed to get a Disturbia [Shia movie] and then I’ll be in the biz and I’ll kind of be 'the other Shia' - the next guy. But I’m glad it went the way it’s went," Miles mused The Salt Lake Tribune.

"I’ve been able to work on some studio films and some really good independent films."

Miles' biggest film role to date is dystopian drama Divergent, opposite Shailene Woodley. His next movie is Whiplash, which is already drumming up Oscar buzz.

With six new projects in the pipeline, the 27-year-old's career is going from strength to strength; although he recently hinted he only accepted his Divergent role for the cash. However, he was quick to explain his comments.

"If people really want to do the research, for Whiplash, you make $7,000. For Spectacular Now, you make $7,000. For Rabbit Hole, you make $4,000. Studios don’t make dramas. So if an actor wants to satisfy themselves, they’re really not going to make any kind of money most of the time. That’s why there’s an allure of the studio films because you can drive a car if you do some. But I would never do a movie just for a paycheque," he clarified.

"If Shailene was not in the movie, if Kate Winslet was not in that movie, if Neil Burger wasn’t directing it, I wouldn’t. Because I’ve been offered a lot of money to be in bad scripts."

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