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Miley wanted Gwen and Nicki song

Miley Cyrus’ tune with Britney Spears could have been Gwen Stefani or Nicki Minaj.

The 20-year-old singer teams up with the Princess of Pop for SMS (Bangerz) but her people originally counted on other musicians to add sound to the track.

The title stands for strutting my stuff as opposed to a word to describe text messaging and was inspired by 1980’s hip-hop.

"The first name that we tossed around was Gwen Stefani. We were talking about Gwen because you know Gwen got that edge too, but that's how God works,” songwriter Sean Garrett told MTV News about penning it with Mike Will Made It. “We were throwing around those ideas. Nicki, we were talking about putting Nicki on there too. That would've been nuts too, but I think that's how God works, this was absolutely the right one."

He feels Salt-n-Pepa’s 1986 hit Push It led the way for ballsy female artists and Miley’s whole album Bangerz stands for that attitude.

"That was all Mike's opinion. He felt like he wanted to fuse that Salt-n-Pepa," he shared. "It's like five different things, it's hip-hop, it's the girls, it's a female anthem, Salt-n-Pepa, Britney and Miley... people didn't get that.

"That's what this record is; it's a celebration of pop culture, beautiful women, strong women. This is more than a collaboration with Britney and Miley; this is a f**king historical moment. This is as big as when Britney kissed Madonna. It's that."

Miley’s recent performance at the MTV Video Music Awards where she gyrated against Robin Thicke was heavily compared to Britney’s 2003 onstage smooch with Madonna, which Sean refers to.

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