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Miley’s tour anxiety

Miley Cyrus is extremely anxious about her Bangerz tour.

The singer is due to kick off a series of North American dates on February 14 in Vancouver but she’s extremely anxious about fans not attending the shows.

"I'm ready to be on tour already. I wish I could skip past all the tours and all the rehearsals and all that and how many meltdowns 'cause I get very anxious," she told MTV News.

“It keeps getting better and obviously I'm excited about my tour. I get nervous that I'm gonna get there and no one's going to show up, but hopefully some people show up.”

The 20-year-old wants fans to see her “different world” and she hopes they will appreciate her vision. She said the inspiration for the shows is to create an environment where she feels at home, because she feels like an outsider most of the time.

"I just want everything I do to feel like people going to a different world because people always make it seem I don't fit in to what this normal kind of world is,” Miley explained. “So I want to take people out of the normal world and go into my world. I think that's part of why I was inspired to have this alien theme for the EMAs. I just want it to feel like anything is possible and everything goes in the arena when I'm there, I'm pro everything. Everyone's loved. Everyone's accepted."

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