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Milla Jovovich had tomboy childhood

Milla Jovovich's childhood was all about "kung-fu theatre, boxing games and cool violence" thanks to her father who treated her like a son.

The actress revelled in the fact that her dad exposed her to tomboy-type activities when her mother wasn't around.

Milla is famed for her tough characters in films and says this attitude was nurtured from a young age.

"I grew up, at this time in the mid to late '80s, when She-Ra and ThunderCats were popular. In '85 or '86, it was all about strong female cartoon characters. Because of the fact that I was also an only child and my father really wanted a son - he's from that generation - it was always about kung-fu theatre on Sundays and boxing games on the weekend. I was the only one that wanted to watch it with him," she smiled in an interview with Collider.

"My mom was like, 'See you later! I'm going out with my girlfriends.' I'd be stuck at home, and we'd watch a lot of violence on the weekends, but cool violence. It's not like he would sit me down and we would watch Rambo, or anything like that. But, something in me, for sure, was able to relate to that person."

Milla has revealed her favourite toys as a little girl. The 36-year-old star shunned "girlier" items in favour of more masculine ones.

"All I would play with, when I was a kid, were action figures that were always the princess with the sword who could defend herself and wasn't just the pink pretty girl. I was never into Barbie," she admitted.

"I remember that me and my friends were always like, 'Yeah, whatever!' about Barbie dolls. We just thought it was much cooler to be into G.I. Joe and She-Ra."

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