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Friday 29 August 2014

Millican: Boyfriend makes me laugh

Sarah Millican writes down funny things that have happened to her to use in her comedy routines

Sarah Millican has said humour isn't just an essential ingredient in her professional life - it's essential in her love life too.

The breakdown of her marriage fuelled Sarah's determination to follow her dream and become a comedian, while her current partner is a fellow comedian on the comedy circuit.

"We get on really well and make each other laugh, which is, I think, essential for a relationship, as it helps you get through things and ride the tough bits," she said.

"When I'm with him or my family and friends, if anything funny happens to me, I always write it down," she said.

"Everyone who knows me knows that it will end up in the show at some point because my act is about normal life. They just accept it now.

"Sometimes my boyfriend will even text me a funny exchange we've had so I've got it on record. My mum will start a sentence saying, 'This isn't for the stage, mind...', but everyone's very relaxed about it."

:: The DVD Sarah Millican: Thoroughly Modern Millican Live, £19.99, is available now. The Sarah Millican Television Programme Christmas special screens on BBC Two on Sunday, December 23, and is the first of a six-part series.

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