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Mindy Kaling: I count my enemies daily

Mindy Kaling wishes she could accept a compliment.

The comedienne has won a legion of fans around the world for her work on the US version of The Office and her own show The Mindy Project.

Mindy’s exponential success means she can now allow herself some indulgences, one of which is a bit quirky.

“The glass of whiskey I have every night while I lie on the floor of my office, counting my enemies,” the 36-year-old told Vanity Fair of her new favourite luxury, before revealing some of her biggest dislikes. “[I’m] not crazy about men who don’t let girls attend school. [Or] people taking themselves seriously. A lie. Cheapness. When people sing Happy Birthday too slowly.”

Mindy has some personality traits of her own that she wishes she could change too. She doesn’t like how “susceptible to handsomeness” she is or her high level of impatience.

“I wish I could accept a compliment,” she added.

The star also confessed to some of her biggest fears in life. Generally Mindy would hate to hurt someone’s feelings. But when asked to be more specific, her answer was a little bit more of a curve ball.

“Being kidnapped while on vacation,” she said.

Mindy also spoke about what makes her happiest and typically friends and family came top, with her father being named as her hero.

One of her happiest memories is when she would enjoy Sunday mornings with her parents when she visited from college. But her current idea of perfect happiness focuses on romance.

“Falling asleep watching a movie on a sofa because I drank too much wine at dinner, my head resting on the thigh of a loved one, who will later explain what happened,” she smiled.

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