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Mindy Kaling: I like being artful

Mindy Kaling won’t be “going crazy” with risqué storylines now that The Mindy Project will air on digital channel Hulu.

It was announced earlier this year that the fourth season of her hit comedy will be aired on digital channel Hulu, after it was cancelled by former broadcaster Fox.

And Mindy, 35, says that while the move onto a new platform gives her more flexibility with future storylines, she isn’t going to go wild.

"I think that our show’s always been a little risqué, cause it’s about dating and sex and romance,” she told “The thing about it though is that being on a network sort of forced us to be, like you said, artful, and I like that about us. And you know, 13 and 14-year-old girls watch our show and I don’t want them to feel like when they watch it that they are being exposed to something that’s like totally inappropriate and I don’t want to just go crazy because we have less restrictions."

Mindy first made a name for herself on the US version of The Office before creating The Mindy Project in 2012.

While the first three seasons were incredibly popular, Mindy says she’s thrilled to have 26 episodes in the fourth series because it means she can be a bit more experimental.

“I want to make the show that people have grown to love and recognise, and I don’t want to hit them with something completely different,” she said. “But where I think we can be different is with conceptual episodes and we can be a little bit more daring. We have 26 episodes—I haven’t done 26 episodes a year since I was at The Office—so we can do some more experimental storytelling techniques which I’m excited about."

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