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Mindy Kaling: I'll be the female Franco one day!

Mindy Kaling aims to take up teaching and painting to become the next James Franco.

The stars both have many strings to their bow, with Mindy starring in and producing TV show The Mindy Project, working on Hollywood films like Inside Out and even writing books.

While she's hardly doing badly, the actress thinks she has some way to go before she can claim to be the female Franco. The 37-year-old counts actor, director and author as just some of the titles to his name.

"I still have to take up painting and teaching to catch up with him," she laughed to Refinery 29.

"I have so many people who help me make the show. There are 150 people on our crew and cast. At [television channel] Hulu, there's a fleet of people that help. I do a lot and I can only do it because this is the thing that I've always wanted to do, so the hours don't seem long."

In her new book Why Not Me?, Mindy talks candidly about everything from work to personal relationships. She references her on/off romance with Mindy Project co-star B.J. Novak, but is conscious not to give so much away that people close to her get worried.

"I don't want to ever go through life where people are thinking that how they interact with me could end up somewhere else," she reasoned.

"I talk about my writing staff, but I don't give away a lot of personal details. There's probably less than five people in my book that I talk about at length. B.J. [Novak], is in there, but he helped me. He read my essay. I wanted to make sure that it was accurate because it was important. But, I've never in four years of a dating show ever used stories from actual relationships on the show. So I don't want people to feel that way about me, like I am just gathering material. It's just not my personality."

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