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Mindy Kaling: 'Star Wars helped boost book sales'

Comedy star Mindy Kaling is disappointed she won't be able to see the latest Star Wars film early, despite being tasked with interviewing the new cast.

Funny woman Mindy Kaling accidentally tricked Star Wars fans into believing she's a CGI character in the movie.

The 36-year-old star released her latest book Why Not Me? earlier this year (15), but in a branch of bookstore Barnes & Noble her tome was mistakenly set underneath a sign which read 'Star Wars'. Mindy jokes it came at the right time, as the seventh instalment of the franchise, The Force Awakens, is set to hit cinemas later this month (Dec15).

"That was mislabelled and that was misleading I think," she told talk show host Jimmy Fallon when he held up a photo of the stand. "Listen, I'm happy, because I feel that helped sell the book, but I couldn't help but feel like... for the poor Star Wars fans who are like, 'Ahhh, I'll buy anything Star Wars!' They must've been like, 'I guess she's a new CGI character in the new movie?'"

One of Mindy's favourite pastimes is pulling pranks on people, which she documents in her new book. This includes messing with loyal followers of the sci-fi films, pretending she's never heard of them, and laughing when they get "p**sed off".

In reality Mindy is a Star Wars fanatic and director J.J. Abrams even asked her to moderate a panel with the cast. Although she can't wait to talk to the likes of newcomers Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley, along with returning cast members such as Harrison Ford, her biggest wish didn't come true.

"(I'm a) huge fan of Star Wars actually and... the reason why I did it was because I'm a fan and also because I was like, 'Oh I'll get to see Star Wars early,'" she admitted. "And, erm, he (J. J.) was like, 'No, no, you're not gonna be able to.'"

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