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Minnie Driver comforted by chef book

Minnie Driver has opened up about the "darkest time" in her life when her father was dying.

The actress found herself snowed in at an airport in Scotland in 2009 as she rushed to see her father Ronnie Driver in London after he suffered a heart attack.

The 42-year-old Good Will Hunting star broke off from filming to be with her 87-year-old father, who kept his daughters Minnie and Kate a secret from his first wife.

The star was left stranded at the airport with only with the book Heat by Bill Buford, about chef Mario Batali who gave up everything to become a chef.

"It's an immensely beautiful book about letting of your life and taking a risk with your real passion," she told British edition of Elle in an article about her favourite books.

"It's a reflection of love and life and was a beacon of light in what was emotionally the darkest time in my life. It taught me that when you're at your most desperate, you should read something full of fire and passion that you can lose yourself in."

Minnie has previously revealed she was thankful to get to see her father before he died.

Minnie's comments come after she recently revealed the identity of her son Henry's father. She confirmed it was a writer on her television show The Riches.

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