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Minnie Driver ‘fosters service’

Minnie Driver is teaching her son to exhibit kindness to others who desperately need help.

The Good Will Hunting actress is mother to five-year-old son Henry.

And she hopes to impart a humanitarian spirit to her little boy.

"The notions of service and kindness are really, really big in our house," Minnie told People magazine. "They're things that we should all have, whether rich, poor, famous, or not famous. They're qualities that we should all be fostering in ourselves and in our kids."

The star has long been involved with Oxfam International and she recently took a trip to South Asia for the charity that is dedicated to finding global solutions to poverty.

"I've been particularly interested in the labour rights of women in developing countries, like Cambodia and Thailand," Minnie detailed. "I worked there and saw what was going on. I visited factories. I can't tell you about the living conditions of these young women."

Minnie has been involved with the entertainment business since 1990 and she became a household name nearly two decades ago.

The star believes using her celebrity status to benefit the world is a good thing to do.

"I'm happy to use whatever attention I can bring to a subject that I now know a lot about and feel really confident supporting," she said. "Your only job, when you recognise that you have a lot, is to teach people that haven't been so lucky how they can make their lives better for themselves. Your job is to, where you can, help."

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