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Minnie Driver: I love my job

Minnie Driver has pleaded with television bosses to renew her show About A Boy for a third season.

The 44-year-old star has been in the acting industry since 1991. Her latest project is a television adaptation of Nick Hornby’s book About a Boy.

And while the first season proved successful in the ratings, it seems the second season has not lived up to its predecessor.

But Minnie is such a big believer in the series, that she has posted a lengthy statement on her Twitter page, pleading with both fans and television bosses not to give up on the show.

“A lot of people have been asking about what is happening with our show, so I thought I would try to explain, even though a lot of the components are inexplicable to me,” Minnie wrote.

“We had 12 episodes to grab your attention, just 12 in our first season, when we came back for a second season, our time had been changed and we were now paired with a show that I don't believe we really matched. It's quite hard to sustain numbers when you get moved around and when the success of the show before you so directly affects you. I'm really hoping that NBC will find a place for us somewhere else on 
their schedule this Spring.”

Minnie stars alongside David Walton and Benjamin Stockman in the series. And the Oscar-nominated actress told her Twitter followers that it’s rare to find a project that is so rewarding and fun to work on.

“In 22 years of work I know the rare, strange chemistry of a happy, creative brilliant work environment- and our show has that,” Minnie continued. “To be funny and witty, kind, sly and thoughtful (without the luxury of Cable's profanity sanction) is just not something easily done in a half hour comedy; Jason Katims is a master of it though and because if him, I love this job truly, with all my heart.”

Minnie concluded: “I hope we can carry on finding a way for you to see us.”

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