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Friday 19 September 2014

Mischa pines for British wellies

Mischa Barton misses her English country walks

Mischa Barton has revealed how much she misses pulling on her wellies and going for a country walk when she's away from England.

The British-born star of The OC, who moved to the US when she was six, was flying the flag for the UK at the seventh annual BritWeek at the British Residence in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old is now an American resident but she said she still pines for the rural landscapes of home.

"I always miss my sister and her baby and her basset hound and the countryside," she said. "There is nothing like the English countryside when you're just out there with your dog in the mud in your wellies, I love it."

Dressed in a white Alice Temperley gown, Mischa said proper training is the reason so many Brits are successful in Hollywood.

"There's a real respect for film and a real classical training that comes from the theatre and they are so good at accents.

"I had a little English accent when I was a kid too and it makes it easier to get into the rhythm of other accents. But I wanted to sound American right away, I lost my accent so fast. I was six and a half and it was gone by the time I was seven, like it never happened."

Mischa was joined on the red carpet by plenty of other British stars, including Harry Potter actor Jason Isaacs who said there is almost nothing he doesn't miss about home.

"I miss my old friends, my family, our television, our newspapers," he said. "I miss our sense of humour, I miss the Tube, I miss the bus, I miss our dirt. There's absolutely everything about Britain that I miss."

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