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Mischa 'wants Bilson buddy'

Mischa Barton is eager to reconnect with her former co-stars from The O.C., it has been claimed.

The actresses starred in the popular US TV show The O.C., which catapulted them both to fame. Mischa recently revealed that she went off the rails after struggling to cope in the spotlight, and despite cleaning up her life it seems she hasn’t been able to reconnect with her former co-stars.

According to RadarOnline, Rachel is still unhappy with how Mischa behaved when they worked together.

“[Rachel] is the one who basically made it be known that it’s OK for everybody to wash their hands of Mischa and not forgive her past transgressions,” a source told the website.

Last month, Mischa confessed that she had a "full-on” breakdown in 2009. She was placed under an involuntary 5150 hold, used when people are deemed a danger to themselves or others.

The 27-year-old saw her life spin out of control as she felt under “enormous pressure” while she continued to “work hard, play hard”.

Mischa is now healthier and happier and is focusing on her career. According to insiders she would love to repair the rift with her former co-star.

“It’s really sad because [Mischa's] literally trying to set up dinners to make amends and Rachel is telling everybody to ‘ignore her and she’ll go away,’” a source said.

In August, Mischa said she didn’t feel a reunion for The O.C. would “feel right”.

She also admitted she wasn’t close to her co-stars – including Rachel, Benjamin McKenzie and Adam Brody.

"I don't," she admitted about staying in touch with her former colleagues. "I mean, I run into people every once in a while, but I'm doing my own thing. I work a lot, so I feel like I'm never around in LA and I know that Ben and Rachel work on shows here."

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