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Miss Piggy's designer wedding woes

Miss Piggy has joked about the extreme lengths she went to in order to secure the wedding dress of her dreams.

The famed pig puppet has married her The Muppets co-star Kermit the Frog after a 40-year courtship.

She has given an in-depth interview about her special day, in which she discusses the lengths she went to in order to ensure every detail was perfect.

"I reached out to fashion legend Vivienne Westwood and asked her to design a dress for moi," Miss Piggy told People magazine. "And when I say 'reach out,' I mean it. She was sitting near me during Milan Fashion Week. I had to knock over three dowagers to get to her. What she came up with is, dare I say it, worthy of moi.

"I tried to get Tiffany's, Cartier and Harry Winston in a bidding war for the rings, but they each insisted on getting naming rights for the whole ceremony, so that fell through. The rings are meant to be symbols of our love for each other, but they must also make another statement. And that statement is: 'Wow! Look at the size of that rock!'"

Kermit opted for a simple morning suit for the special occasion, with pictures of the husband and wife flooding the internet late last week. In one, they were seen recreating the pose adopted by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the cover of American Vogue magazine.

Miss Piggy is happy to admit she was nervous ahead of the nuptials, but insists that is normal.

All of The Muppets were at the ceremony upon the request of Kermit, with many other big names attending too.

"Sweetie, if you weren't there, you got kicked of the 'official celebrities' list," Miss Piggy explained.

They decided against having bridesmaids or groomsmen as they felt it was unnecessary given the length of time they have been together. Not all traditions were cast aside though - the porcine star was determined to have a cake.

"I wanted a wedding cake that was a work of art that would symbolised Kermie and moi's love for each other. But mostly I wanted a cake with loads of chocolate and gobs of creamy white icing. It was art. Art you can eat – and that's the best kind," she said.

The pair are now heading on honeymoon, although they want it to be a private affair so are keeping tight-lipped about the destination.

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