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Moby: I look sad naked

Moby says Los Angeles is a good place to attend Alcoholics Anonymous as you meet so many interesting people.

The 48-year-old musician insists his life is very different to the public persona he has. He likes to kick back and relax with friends, but has decided he is now too old to get away with certain pursuits.

“I have been naked in public and I've always deeply regretted it,” he told British newspaper The Guardian. “The last time was a political fundraiser at my house. It was a warm night and, once all the politicians had left, someone had the idea of going skinny-dipping. Nothing too debauched, but someone took a picture of me about to jump into the pool and I just looked so sad and middle-aged it made me vow never to take my clothes off in public again.”

Around five years ago Moby realised he was drinking too much, after he had to discuss his alcohol intake for a study about anxiety he was partaking in. He was having around 60 units a week but told his doctor it was nearer 30 – and the medic still told him he desperately needed to cut down.

The star now no longer drinks and has moved from New York to Los Angeles, where he finds it easier to be sober.

“I have become a fully-fledged southern California cliché. The good thing about it is, going to AA is the only chance in LA you get to see fellow musicians. I run into legends from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s,” he laughed.

Moby’s drink of choice was a pint glass filled half with beer and half with vodka. Looking back, he can’t believe some of the scrapes he got in to while drunk. The star had a habit of talking to the wrong person after a night on the town, sometimes with difficult consequences.

“I usually just hit on people's girlfriends without knowing that they were someone's girlfriend and ended up causing banal trouble,” he explained.

“I almost got shot by a drug dealer in Ibiza because I was hitting on his girlfriend. There was this very attractive German woman and I was chatting her up, and it turns out she was the girlfriend of the island's biggest drug dealer who was there with about 20 of the toughest people I've ever seen.”

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