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Molly Sims: It’s OK to be an older mom

Molly Sims finds putting “decent clothes” on even if she isn’t going anywhere helps her feel good during pregnancy.

The model and actress is currently carrying her second child, a baby girl, with husband Scott Stuber. And while the 41-year-old always knew she wanted to be a mother, she is fine with the fact that it didn’t happen until later in life.

“I don’t regret starting later — everything I’ve wanted to do, I’ve done. I lived in Europe for six years, waitressed, worked at a book company and in a law office,” she told People magazine. “I’m 41, so I had an ultrasound and blood tests to make sure everything was okay. We waited until we got the results at 14 weeks to tell anyone, but my in-laws came to visit early on and they said I looked green!”

Molly already has son Brooks, two, but this time around she has found a good way to help her deal with her morning sickness. And it’s not to do with what she eats or how she exercises - but what she wears.

“My mom taught me that if you look good, you feel good,” she admitted. “After Brooks was born, I wore sweats at first. But, for my state of mind, it made a difference to get up and get dressed in decent clothes even if I had nowhere to go.”

The couple are thankful that the beauty’s second pregnancy has been a lot easier than her first. And they are hoping that it means the labour will be a more natural experience too.

“I had a difficult time with Brooksie. First, I had a velamentous cord insertion [when the umbilical cord inserts into the fetal membranes rather than the middle of the placenta, causing a higher risk of rupture],” she explained. “The doctor monitored me closely throughout the pregnancy, and I had a scheduled c-section to protect the cord, which was necessary, but disappointing. This time, I don’t have the same condition, so I’m not opposed to a [natural birth].”

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