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Monica Bellucci on Vincent Cassel split: Freedom is exhilarating

Monica Bellucci believes romantic chemistry overrides all age constraints.

Italian actress Monica Bellucci is feeling “very alive” after ending her marriage to Vincent Cassel.

The 51 year old announced her separation from the 48-year-old French actor on 26 August, 2013, ending the couple's 14-year marriage, and the new James Bond beauty is deeply appreciative of her current romantic status. Despite the heartbreak of such a significant break-up, she loves life as a single woman.

“It’s something I’d really never experienced before,” she told UK newspaper The Mirror. “I feel very alive. The single woman is a free woman, and being single does not mean being alone - it means being free to have a relationship or not.

“This can be scary, but it’s also very interesting. Remember it’s not that long ago that women only existed in terms of their relationships to men.”

Monica stars in the new 007 film Spectre, opposite Daniel Craig, and in the movie she takes on the groundbreaking role of femme fatale character Lucia Sciarra, the oldest Bond Girl in history.

Monica is proud of the part because she believes it’s about time society addresses misgivings surrounding age and courting.

“We should not be worried about age when it comes to love and attraction,” she noted. “Just as younger women are attracted to older men, it shouldn’t be considered strange that men in their 20s and 30s are drawn to older women. It’s the chemistry and energy between men and women that counts... True sexiness is in the mind, the imagination, not in the age of the body.”

Monica shares daughters Deva, 10, and Leonie, five with her ex, and in light of landing a history-making role in Spectre, she thinks life is turning out to be more wonderful than expected after entering her fifties.

“This is a beautiful and rich period from a professional point of view,” Monica smiled. “As far as my private life is concerned, I’m a mother with two daughters, and so I don’t have much time to rest! But I feel very energised right now and I’ve gained the kind of wisdom over the years where I’m able to appreciate all the beautiful and small things that are part of everyday life.”

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