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Monica Michael fine with X Factor exit

Monica Michael can't wait to get back to singing her own tracks now she's left The X Factor.

Monica Michael is relieved she's left The X Factor as she was so bored of singing cover versions.

The hopeful was axed from the singing competition on Sunday (15Nov15) after receiving the lowest amount of public vote. Proceedings were taken to deadlock - meaning each act had received two votes from the judges - following her sing-off with Anton Stephans. Monica had performed What Is Love from TV show Empire on Saturday (14Nov15), having changed her song at the last minute when her choice, Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down), was deemed inappropriate following the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday (13Nov15).

While many wannabes are devastated when their time on the show is over, Monica is fine with it.

"I am relieved because I came into X Factor last year singing an original and that’s what everyone really liked about me," she told Britain's The Sun newspaper. "This year, again when I sang another original, it was the same reaction and I’ve got so many originals.

“I was like, ‘Can I sing an original? Can I sing an original?’ and having to do a cover was really out of my comfort zone."

Monica realises singing other artists' tracks is "the name of the game" on The X Factor so she doesn't mean to sound ungrateful, especially as she was pleased to be given such an "amazing platform". That said, she's also happy to be leaving the house all the finalists share.

The star's exit was marred in controversy when presenter Olly Murs accidentally counted the judges' votes incorrectly and announced Monica was leaving, when actually things were at deadlock. He immediately realised his error and apologised, after which it was confirmed the public had voted for Monica to leave. Some fans have suggested it was a fix, but the star has waved those thoughts away.

"In my head I knew I was (leaving) already," she said. "Everyone makes mistakes though. Backstage he was devastated, so I feel really sorry for him.”

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