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Moore: Moretz is delightful

Julianne Moore says her Carrie co-star Chloë Moretz is “delightful” and “very engaging”.

The 52-year-old actress stars as the religious fanatic mother of Chloë’s titular character in the new remake of Carrie, based on the supernatural Stephen King novel.

Despite the teenager being 36 years her junior, Julianne is stunned by her talent.

"She's so delightful," Moore told E! News. "I mean, she was 15 when we shot this and she's very professional, really talented, very engaging and wants to do well and great work. I love her. I loved being with her."

Julianne made it her mission to make Chloë feel comfortable on set. The pair were able to build a trusting relationship she says translates to the big screen.

“She was a great partner and I wanted to make sure that she felt safe with me and that anything could happen and that I was not going to hurt her and that we could kind of explore this relationship together,” the actress said.

Union rules prohibited the teenager from working too many hours in a day but the ladies’ co-star Judy Greer said she did some of her best acting during her time with Chloë.

The veteran star admitted she constantly kept forgetting the teen’s age because she’s such a pro.

"Chloë was so present all the time in our scenes that I just lost my self in her," Judy said.

"I forgot she was 15 when we were working together. They would say on set, 'We only have Chloë for another hour.' And I'd be like, 'Why? Does she like have to go to an event or something?' And then they would be like,'‘No, because she's underage. She has to go home.' I'm like, 'Oh yeah!' I don't know, she just feels, she feels like a contemporary of mine.”

Carrie is scheduled for US release later this month.

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