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Moore: My job isn't real

Julianne Moore has made it clear to her kids that her job isn't "real".

The actress joins the last two instalments of the franchise - Mocking Jay Part 1 and 2 - as Alma Coin.

She is married to Bart Freundlich and they have children Caleb, 16, and 12-year-old Liv together. Julianne, 53, wants to keep her life as normal as possible; which means keeping her kids away from any movie she's in.

"When I'm not working, I get up at 6.50am. My daughter takes a shower, I make breakfast, and my husband takes my daughter to school," she told the latest edition of British ELLE of her standard routine.

"I do yoga. I maybe see a friend. My kids know what I do isn't real. I don't want them to see any of my movies - I'm their mother. Well, maybe The Hunger Games!"

Of course Julianne can't escape all the things that come with fame, such as attending fancy film premieres. But while some might envy her lifestyle, she's always aware how contrived the whole industry is.

"Probably when you have to sit and wait in your car to get to the Golden Globes," she mused when asked about the downside to her career.

"Your car pulls into this line and you're in this big dress, and you wait 45 minutes because the traffic is so bad, and you're like, 'This is nuts!'

"In Hollywood, there's this juxtaposition of the regular stuff - sitting in a car - with the glamorous stuff. It's not real."

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