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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Mordaunt fired as luxury bid flops

Myles Mordaunt was the latest candidate to be fired from The Apprentice

Myles Mordaunt has become the latest Apprentice contestant to be shut down as his high-end homewares shop was put out of business by his rival's bargain fashion store.

Show boss Lord Sugar fired Myles after deciding he did not have the right nose for business in the "smell what sells" task - which involved sniffing out the best-selling products on a market stall, then stocking a shop unit with them the next day.

The Monaco-based marketing boss - who puts on swish Formula 1 events - was fired because his luxury take on the task was deemed out of step with the financial climate.

However, Myles said afterwards that he was disappointed Lord Sugar did not embrace his approach because he knew the tycoon was something of a fast lane spender.

He said: "Lord Sugar is actually a fantastic luxury brands consumer himself. My business plan was not the right one for him - it's not something that fascinates him or interests him or that he's on top of. That tells you everything you need to know. For me that was a bit of a body blow that he's not into this."

The oldest remaining candidate of the series at 39, Myles felt his maturity could have worked against him: "Maybe he looks at me and I'm a bit old in the sense of more set in my ways and likely to be a little bit less flexible."

Myles, Neil Clough and Jordan Poulton opted to sell ceramics and expensive vases while the opposing team led by Luisa Zissman - who was joined by Leah Totton and Francesca MacDuff-Varley - went for cheap hats and leggings.

The fired candidate said they were aware their shop looked "horrendous". "From the start we had way less energy as a team because we knew we were probably up against it from the outset," he said.

Myles said he would have not have moved from his adopted home of Monaco if he had won the series.

He said: "Lots has been made of 'Are you going to come and work from his offices in Essex?' or wherever they are. I don't think that's the reality of business these days. I wouldn't have been doing that but I don't think that's really relevant."

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