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Monday 22 December 2014

Morgan vows to continue gun fight

Piers Morgan says the petition to deport him was unsuccessful
Piers Morgan says the petition to deport him was unsuccessful

Piers Morgan has vowed to carry on his fight to ban guns in America after thousands of people signed a petition to deport him from the country.

The CNN television show host turned on gun lobbyists in the US after 20 children were shot dead at Sandy Hook school last month.

His calls for a ban were met with fierce opposition from pro-gun groups, including the launch of a "deport Piers Morgan" petition by US radio host Alex Jones, following a heated on-air spat between the pair about the issue.

Speaking from New York on Daybreak, Piers said the petition had been unsuccessful after being turned down by President Obama and he would remain in the country to carry on the battle.

He told the show: "We're in a country, in America, where there are 300 million guns in circulation and although I understand that the American constitution empowers Americans to believe they are entitled to have a handgun or a pistol to defend themselves at home, what it doesn't do is entitle deranged young people to get easy access to these killing machines, and that's what the assault rifles are.

"They are really military-style machine guns and you can then go and buy a magazine with 100 bullets, load yourself up, and commit carnage. And it's that specific thing I'm trying to help get banned here."

He branded pro-gun advocate Alex Jones "bordering on insane" after their on-screen meeting and, asked if he felt fearful for the safety of his family in the US, Piers said he was worried his young daughter could be in danger if she goes to school in the country in a few years' time.

"I'm already concerned about her safety in a country that has such lax gun control," he said.

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