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Morgan's modest outlook

Morgan Freeman isn't a fan of watching himself on screen but does enjoy seeing himself through the eyes of people watching him on stage.

The legendary screen actor has spoken in the past about how unimpressed he is with his film performances but says that doesn't apply when he's treading the boards at the theatre.

"I'm seldom impressed by me. When I was doing stage work, I always felt that I was larger than life because I only saw myself through the eyes of the audience. If you think I'm brilliant then f**k it, I'm brilliant!

"The first time I did a movie, I went to dailies [screenings of rough footage]. I have not been since. I can't handle it," he revealed to British newspaper Metro.

The star can currently be seen in sci-fi thriller Lucy. Co-starring Scarlett Johansson, the film tells the story of a woman who, accidently, manages to access her brain's full potential after a high-tech drug leaks into her system.

Working with the blonde beauty was a joy for 77-year-old Morgan.

"At the end of the movie, we had three days of shooting together. She's a very smart young lady. Gorgeous - and a wonderful actress," he smiled.

Morgan takes on the scientific role of Professor Norman, a neurologist who believes humans only ever use ten per cent of their brain power.

In real life, the Oscar-winning actor's own beliefs echo this sentiment too.

"I subscribe to it because it's hopeful to think, at some point, we may access more of the brain. On the other hand, that might not be the truth. But we have to remember the brain suggests learning. For example, a spider is not taught how to make a web. It's hatched knowing," he explained.

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