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Morissette: I love to share

Alanis Morissette likes using her own life as a case study - whether it’s for her lyrics or her new book.

The 41-year-old is best known for her 1995 album Jagged Little Pill. The lyrics within songs such as Ironic and Hand in My Pocket were very personal to the Canadian, but she admits that she likes to use her own experiences as material for her work.

“I love the idea of taking the multitude of experiences that I've had and alchemically using them to share some hard-won wisdom and insights I've had along the way," she told the American edition of Elle magazine.

As well as still working on music, Alanis is also focusing her attention on her new book, which is due for release later this year. The tome addresses everything from eating disorders to addictions to post-traumatic stress disorder, and the star describes it as "tons of storytelling in a semi memoir-esque vein."

“I use my own life stories as case studies to illustrate things that I want to share,” she continued. “Whether it's about recovery from addiction or commentary on fame or childhood or stages of development—entertainingly sharing ideas and distilling a lot of academic, psychological, spiritual teachings.”

The success of Jagged Little Pill wasn’t always a good thing for Alanis but, 20 years on, she’s finally getting the chance to reflect on the whole experience from a new perspective.

“It was surreal," she recalled, "And I feel like I'm only getting a little objectivity on it now. I feel proud—not necessarily of the zeitgeisty success that it was, although that's a big chest bump—but that I can happily stand by everything that was written, content-wise, 20 years ago."

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