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Mortimer's movie lie

Emily Mortimer was so desperate for a role in The Black Dahlia she lied about when she gave birth to her son.

The English actress has opened up about the time she tried out for the femme fatale role in 2006 movie The Black Dahlia.

Casting began shortly after Emily gave birth to her and Alessandro Nivola's son Samuel in 2003. Despite director Brian De Palma being told the brunette star recently had a baby, Emily exaggerated how long ago it was in a bid to win the part.

"I would have gotten away with it until I was asked when my daughter's birthday was. I blanked... under the pressure of the lie," she laughed to US newspaper New York Post's Page Six.

Hilary Swank was eventually given the role in the movie, which was based on the real-life murder of American woman Elizabeth Short in 1947.

Emily has starred in several successful features, including thriller Shutter Island and documentary film Leonie, in which she plays the titular character Leonie Gilmour.

The movie follows the life and relationships of the late educator, editor and journalist.

It's considered one of the biggest roles of her career, and Emily previously spoke about how much research she did in order to portray her character accurately.

"I read all about her and any of her own writing I could get my hands on. What I loved about her was her humour. She had the dry humour of a lady who had lived through a lot and seen a lot, who was a fighter and a survivor," she told earlier this year.

"Leonie Gilmour was a 'New Woman' and I was also fascinated by what it meant to be a liberated as a woman at the turn of the 20th century. 'New Women' were really the first women to be educated at university."

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