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Moss 'on healing holiday'

Kate Moss has reportedly been on a therapy holiday to help her cope with her growing list of work commitments.

The British supermodel is heading for a busy time thanks to the rekindling of her collaboration with Topshop and her new job as a contributing fashion editor of British Vogue. She will also turn 40 in January and her husband Jamie Hince wants to ensure she doesn't burn out.

To help, he's taken her for a holiday in Jamaica where she will do yoga, meditate and have therapy.

"Three times a week, our spa offers meditation accompanied by sound and rhythm to help quieten and balance the mind," spokesperson for the GoldenEye resort told Look magazine. "We also focus on the energy that can be created through sound. Sound and rhythm can help to achieve balance in mind and body."

The Kills rocker Jamie is said to be concerned his wife has taken too much on. She has even created a studio at one of her London homes to ensure she can complete all her work, but he wants her to make time for her family too.

"Kate needed a break. People look at her life and think she's always on holiday but that's simply not true. Nine times out of ten, when you see her on a beach, it's at the end of a 12-hour shoot - and she's about to get an equally long flight home again," a source said. "She was just in desperate need of a serious detox - physical and mental - and not only because she's worn out. The thing is, she has so much on her plate for the next year, this might be the only chance she has to recharge."

The resort also has masseuses and dermatologists and costs around £1,300 a night.

The break is said to be part of a long-term change for Kate, who is known for her love of partying. While she still enjoys socialising she is more focused on work now, not least because she wants to show she still has it.

"Kate is well aware that her modelling career has outlasted that of many of her friends, and I wouldn't be surprised if she feel like the time has come for a bit of a rebrand. She isn't done with modelling, but says she's keen to focus on the more artistic side of it. This is a time of huge growth and she's really excited - but there's a lot of pressure too," the insider added.

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