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Mulhern: Cowell loved my cruel joke

Stephen Mulhern will return as host of Britain’s Got More Talent next year.

The Britain’s Got More Talent host has confirmed he will return to his hosting duties next year. But Stephen did wonder if it would happen after he made a controversial joke about judge Amanda Holden on this year’s series.

“That joke I did with Amanda, that went down like a sack of sh*t. But Simon does love a bit of controversy,” he told British newspaper The Sun regarding the time he compared Amanda to 74-year-old plastic surgery addict Jocelyn Wildenstein. “If you see a clip of it when it actually went out, he was like a kid in the sweet shop.”

Stephen knew the joke was a risk. And he almost didn’t do it when his close friends and Britain’s Got Talent hosts Ant and Dec couldn’t agree on whether it was appropriate or not.

“So I said to Ant, ‘Do you think I should do it?’ and he said, ‘No, don’t do it, seriously, don’t do it.’ And I went to Dec and he said, ‘Do it,' so then we were split. When I did it live, I had that feeling of, ‘Oh my God!’ but it was too late. Afterwards I said I was sorry.”

Amanda didn’t take too kindly to the comparison, promptly pouring a glass of water over his head and chasing him round the studio.

But his antics haven't stopped him from being signed up for another year of auditions and live shows.

“I’m all signed up for year ten. It’s all sorted. I had an hour-and-a-half meeting with Simon last week and you never get that — you get ten minutes if you’re lucky!” he said. “He’s so happy. [His son] Eric has changed everything, it’s phenomenal. Simon’s realised he’s got a great team on BGT and BGMT and that, actually, life is good.”

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