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Munn defends campus rape episode

Olivia Munn has spoken out in support of writer Aaron Sorkin in wake of controversy over the December 7 episode of their show, Newsroom.

The 34-year-old actress portrays character Sloan Sabbith on the programme, an economic news broadcaster who is in a relationship with her producer Don Keefer, played by Thomas Sadoski.

On the Oh Shenandoah episode of HBO’s drama series, which was broadcast December 7, Don criticised an anonymous rape survivor site while Sloan was investigating a story on university campus sexual assaults.

Although there has been backlash about this plotline, Olivia believes writer Aaron Sorkin penned the script well.

“The reality is that Sorkin writes things so that they can be talked about, and so we show both sides of it,” she explained during an interview with EW Morning Live. “I think it was important to show what it’s like for women to be a rape victim, want to speak out, and then have somebody come in and say, ‘Hey don’t do that. That’s going to be bad for you.’

“Sorkin wasn’t saying ‘Don’t do that,' he was saying ‘This is what happens.'”

The night Oh Shenandoah aired, a writer for Newsroom named Alena Smith vented her frustrations about the controversial plot via Twitter, saying she was kicked out of the writers’ room for thinking the screenplay should be revised.

Aaron shared his side of the story the following day by releasing a statement to Entertainment Weekly, noting he was disappointed Alena chose to violate the trust of the secret writers’ room.

And Olivia agrees Alena could have approached the issue in a different manner.

“It should have been more poignant and more interesting, and not about her,” the actress noted.

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