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Murray sues Texas

Conrad Murray has filed suit against the state of Texas in an effort to reinstate his medical licence.

The former physician was released from prison this week after being found guilty of Michael Jackson’s involuntary manslaughter.

Murray’s medical licence was officially revoked by Texas and his Houston-based defence lawyer Charles Peckham believes the board’s decision is simply unconstitutional.

“Effectively, the Texas Medical Board has said to California, ‘Your laws don’t matter,’” Peckham explained to the Austin American-Statesman.

“It has resulted in an improper and illegal domino effect based on that fact that [the board] is disregarding the United States Constitution.”

Murray wants the state medical board to acknowledge they “prematurely revoked his permit to practice”.

Board executives are accused of ignoring interstate law with California, where Murray is also licenced. They have allegedly denied Murray the right to “exhaust all of his appeals before his privileges can be taken away”.

The defamed doctor asserts that Texas’ decision to revoke his licence to practice may provoke California to do the same. Should California retract his medical licence, Murray claims he will not be able to generate enough income to support himself and his family.

He shares in legal documents that he is now $400,000 in debt and can’t even afford to pay his court costs.

TMZ previously reported Murray has practiced with an “unblemished” medical record for 20 years before being convicted of the late King of Pop’s manslaughter. According to the outlet he “has a legion of loyal patients” who are “more than willing” to testify on his behalf in court.

Murray’s case against the Texas Medical Board will go to trial in 2014.

The disgraced physician was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in 2011, accused of administering the fatal dose of anesthetic propofol that killed Michael in June 2009.

Murray was released from Los Angeles County men's jail Monday after serving half of his four-year sentence in connection to the singer's death.

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