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Wednesday 27 August 2014

My BGT relief, by ex-judge the Hoff

David Hasselhoff has said he was relieved not to be invited back as a judge on Britain's Got Talent

David Hasselhoff has spoken of his "relief" not to be invited back as a judge on Britain's Got Talent as he said he is "not good at being rude".

Speaking as he signed copies of his latest album for fans at the HMV flagship store on London's Oxford Street, the former Baywatch star said he had signed up to do only one series of the ITV1 show with Simon Cowell.

He said of his experience of being a judge: "I don't like to say no, it's hard. I'm not good at being rude. I'm not good at being honest when I know its going to break someone's heart.

"We only signed for a year and when I left his last words were 'fantastic, you did a great job'.

"If I was invited back, and I wasn't, I'm not sure I would have come back - I'm having more fun being on stage. All I know is that people come up to me on the street and say 'Are you coming back?'."

He added: "I have nothing but respect for Simon and everyone on that show. They're still my great friends."

Hasselhoff, who rose to fame as an actor when he starred in Baywatch and Knight Rider, said he was constantly amazed at being recognised all over the world and at becoming known as "the Hoff". But he added that his dream has always been to be on Broadway.

His latest musical release, This Time Around, is his 17th studio album, which he said was a selection of classic ballads by American composer Frank Wildhorn.

He said: "They're songs that I'm not really sure the audience will be familiar with. Which is great because I really want to turn everyone on to the music that I love, which is these big ballads of Broadway."

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