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Thursday 10 July 2014

Nadine Coyle and Cheryl Cole still in harmony, insists manager

Nadine Coyle

The manager of Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle has angrily denied claims that she is at war with her fellow bandmates.

He has also branded her bandmate Cheryl Cole’s cheating husband Ashley a “moron”.

New York-based Bruce Garfield, who is hoping to pilot the stunning singer to solo success, responded to an upset fan via his Twitter page as rumours continue to circulate that her relocation to LA and her lack of a public show of support to devastated Cole are putting pressure on the group.

He wrote on the internet social networking site: “No rifts between her and any of the girls, she's been 100% focused on work; that is all. ‘A source said’ is code for don't believe.”

Garfield, who has managed Sinead O’Connor, Tricky and Grace Jones and helped develop the careers of bands like Duran Duran and Iron Maiden during his time with Capitol/EMI Records, has also posted a string of pictures of Nadine in relaxed poses.

They show the singer in the recording studio, lying on a couch, grabbing a coffee on a London street, posing at a Lady GaGa concert and rehearsing with Boyzone in a soon-to-be -screened tribute show for the Irish group.

Paying tribute to his charge, Mr Garfield posted: “No manager could enjoy working with an artist as much as I do with Nadine.”

He revealed he was along with Nadine on her recent visit to the UK, writing: “Yes here in UK taking care of NC business ... she's recording and writing great stuff ... had fun at the tribute TV show ... there will be an official release coming soon about Nadine's performance with Boyzone, and you'll all be able to see it.”

The manager hints at how homesick Nadine, who has opened a chain of Irish bars in the USA, may be in a post reading: “Nadine's been missing the UK & Ireland too. Well maybe not the dreadful winter weather you've been having! Big surprises this year.”

In perhaps the only nod to the storm surrounding the split of Nadine’s bandmate Cheryl Cole with soccer star husband Ashley after he was exposed cheating with a string of women, Mr Garfield ‘Tweeted’: “Hmmmmm... is it Ashley Woods or Tiger Cole??? Duh, they are inter-changeable morons.”

Nadine is pressing full steam ahead to release her solo album, hoping it will rival that of Cole, and is consulting top writers including Guy Chambers, Steve Brooker — who has worked with Natalie Imbruglia and Duffy, Toby Gad, who has penned tracks for Beyonce and Fergie and Tony Kanal, who includes Gwen Stefani and Pink as clients.

Earlier this year Girls Aloud’s Kimberly Walsh sparked speculation that all is not well within the band when she commented: “The plan is ... well, basically Nadine needs to come over from LA. We need to chat and book it in because there are five people's diaries to work around, rather than just one.”

However Nadine Coyle on her own Twitter page responded: “Laughing at people suggesting I'm holding up GA. Really?? Let's be realistic. Open your eyes. It's made out like I have all the power.”

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