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Naomi Watts: Critics get to me

Naomi Watts worries she is too sensitive to be an actress.

The 46-year-old actress has been nominated for two Oscars, but it's the criticism which sticks in her head. One of the reasons why she has never performed on Broadway is she is so terrified about what people might say.

"I have some fear, [which got worse] when I became involved with Liev [Schreiber, her partner], because he's so good," she explained to British magazine InStyle. "We've talked about doing it together, and I would love to do that, but oh my God, what if I'm terrible at it! I'm so sensitive. If I read a whole review and there's one tiny comment that is slightly negative, I'll hold on to that."

Principally, Naomi was talking about her role in 2013 biopic Diana. She portrayed Britain's late Princess of Wales, but the movie was widely panned by critics with the script and directing slammed.

"Exactly. And that was a situation where it was unavoidable to not absorb because it was so unanimous," Naomi said, adding she remembers being on a train and seeing someone with a paper that had "some hideous title [about the film]. It's really cruel. I put a huge amount into it because I was always afraid that, because she's the most famous woman of our time, everyone's going to have a lot to say."

The experience may not have been a good one, but it taught Naomi a great deal. She hinted that she was unsure about the project even before it hit screens.

"Trust your instincts. I did have an instinct and I ignored it," she said.

She may worry about her career, but Naomi is settled in her private life. She and Liev are parents to two boys and she has a good support network, including her best friend - fellow Australian actress Nicole Kidman.

"It's amazing how, when you've got small children and two working parents, your social life shrinks and shrinks," she explained.

"We [Naomi and Nicole] really became close when I moved to America. So, yeah, we've known each other almost 30 years. We always pick up where we left off. There's so much to talk about - especially because we've both got kids the same age. We talk about everything that normal friends do and also about work stuff sometimes."

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