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Naomi Watts ‘paralysed’ face

Naomi Watts improvised with a cocktail stick to numb her face into submission for her role as Britain's late Princess of Wales.

The actress portrays Britain's late Princess of Wales in a movie about the iconic royal, Diana, which hits cinemas from September.

Naomi had to follow some extreme procedures to prepare for the part, which included altering the physical structure of her face.

"I didn't just want to appear like her, it's also about the tone of her voice and the way she moved her face. It's completely opposite of how I move my face. I move my face on the right-hand side and she moves hers to the left," Naomi explained to Empire magazine. "I had to walk around with a cocktail stick in my mouth to paralyse the right-hand side of my face for weeks."

Naomi spent her childhood living in the UK before moving to Australia. There are many traits to her personality she considers to be British.

"My sense of humour," she noted. "I think my humour is self-deprecating, which is very British. It depends who I am with. If I'm with my mum I get very British. I have a brother who sounds very British all the time. His accent's never changed even though he lived in England, Australia and America too. My accent changed all the time - in Australia, then in America. And it still changes. Maybe it's being the second-born and having the need to fit in more than him. [Do I consider myself more British or Australian?] That's the question that whatever answer I give, I'll get in trouble. The right way to say it is that I feel both. That's the honest answer."

Naomi has previously discussed how she got Diana's mannerisms and accent right.

"I was very nervous about the accent. She had a very distinct voice; she came from aristocracy so she was quite posh, but there was a warmth there, too - her accent wasn't too 'fruity'. She also had this thing where the bottom half of her face didn't move that much," she told Total Film magazine previously.

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