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Naomi Watts' son has 'eye for fashion'

Naomi Watts goes to her five-year-old son if she wants a completely honest opinion.

The actress has sons Sasha, six, and five-year-old Samuel with her partner Liev Schreiber. Having so many men in her life means Naomi knows where to go if she wants some honest input, whether about her job or wardrobe.

"Everyone in my house has an opinion about everything," she told Australian TV show Today.

"And actually the boys’ opinions are often the most trusting ones because you feel like they have no agenda, they just call it like it is. My littlest one has a very good eye. He’s often been known to say, 'Mummy that dress is horrible!'"

Naomi and Liev put family before everything else, which means their weekends are sacred. While they often do activities together on Saturdays, Sundays are reserved for relaxing.

"Sunday is called snuggle Sunday. It’s just a name. No one is allowed to go downstairs. We just snuggle and stay in bed for a while," she said. "Saturdays we’re more social but Sunday’s a quieter day."

Naomi, 45, also touched on her career during the interview, namely her turn as Britain's late Princess of Wales in 2013 movie Diana. While there was a lot of hype ahead of its release, the film was widely panned by critics.

It followed the final two years of the princess' life, focusing on her relationship with Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan.

While Naomi remains pleased to have been involved with the project, she admits it didn't turn out exactly as she would have liked.

"I’m an actor and I’m always looking for great roles. It’s not often you find a great female-driven drama," she explained.

"The script had some issues and we tried to figure them out. Some go in the right direction, some don’t. Critically it was always going to be a risky thing."

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