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Naomie Harris thrilled by royal backing

Naomie Harris hopes the British Royal Family will bring “attention” to Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

The actress stars in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom as the politician’s wife Winnie and attended the premiere in London last night, where it was sadly announced Mandela had passed away.

Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also walked the red carpet for the film, which means a great deal to Naomie.

“It’s a full endorsement and it means so much to us,” she gushed to Cover Media at the event.

“It means it brings attention to the film. It’s such an important story; we want as many people as possible to see it.”

Mandela had been ill for some time and was 95 when he died.

Naomie revealed what she wants everyone to take away from his and Winnie’s extraordinary lives.

“We can learn from [Winnie’s] resilience, resourcefulness and strength - that’s what she’s a symbol of,” she smiled.

“She endured so much and still stood strong with dignity and fought hard. Mandela for me is a symbol of forgiveness; for South Africa and the world. Despite having been declined for 27 years, losing his liberty, he was able to forgive those people who did that to him.”

The movie has received rave reviews from critics and there is a great deal of Oscar buzz around it.

Despite the positive reactions, Naomie can remember feeling daunted when she was first offered the part.

“I felt a great responsibility on my shoulders to portray her faithfully, but it was a real honour to be able to bring some level of understanding,” she explained.

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